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Everybody tellS her...blah blah blah..

Who wants to live in a box???




A famous actor once mentioned in an interview that his very favorite places in life were the “messy places”. LOVED that idea. Grabbed it and jotted it down on the outside of an envelope. Months later when a friend confided in me that she's a wee bit OCD, I remembered back to the actor's quote and realized we can all try too hard sometimes to control every last detail of our lives...


Sarah Breck, Janna Min, Rachel Sand

One day one of my teens, usually all smiles, walked in with a frown on her face. "Can you PALEEZ write me a song to sing back to my mom in my head when she's being unreasonable??? I need a song so badly about all that! She got mad at me the other day for the silliest thing! I think she was hormonal!"

So I wrote Whatever.

Funny thing though, after the song was penned and recorded, that same girl's mom heard it --and loved it. She knocked on my door to thank me profusely for writing the tune. "I believe this is my very favorite song of yours!" she confessed. "Now, whenever my daughter gets hormonal and unreasonable, I don't feel compelled to scold her at all--I just sing Whatever in my head! Thanks for writing a song for moms to sing to their daughters!"

video clip of Whatever




Teenage reaction to this tune: "Woah--the story of my LIFE! OMG!!!" Parental/adult reaction to this tune: "I don't get it. What's it's about?" 

Click here if you believe.



 Skyler Stonestreet

Wrote this tune about Skyler Stonestreet, when she was having trouble with a boy and also had bought a new guitar. haha she was much more into the guitar than the let's talk about the guitar.

Took a year and a half for Sky's mom and Lessia to get Sky to sit down at the piano. She'd taken a few lessons with someone else when she was little, but then quit--not liking it at all. But Lessia insisted "Sky, if you're going to learn to write songs, the piano will be a big help!" and finally Sky said okay--but then she never really practiced.

When Sky walked in with her a new guitar and showed Lessia, her ringleader raised her eyes and knew she was beaten. She offered, "Okay, then, Sky--can I at least write a song that mentions your guitar as my booby prize? Skyler agreed.

The song, called Tucked In, is one Sky recorded soon after as a duet with Viva Gore at the shack. Came out pretty good but funny thing; on the recording? That's crew boy Ben on the guitar, Lessia, of course, on the piano. Sky took the day off :-)

Listen to Tucked In



Originally penned for Jessie Bridges (above in a San Francisco park) but so many people have written or sworn to us in person this song is exactly all about them we're now confused! haha. We have received the most awesome phenom fan mail on this tune! Check out the testimonials! Woohoo :-)

different versions of Fearless


Janna Min

Carolina Beltran was telling me a really great story. At one point, she scrunched herself down into the couch and said, “OMG!!!!! I would just CRUMBLE if that ever happened to me!!!!"

"Woah," I said, "what a great word for a song!" I got all excited.

Penned Crumble the very next day. Had to actually stop my car because it came to me as I was driving. I wrote the lyrics down on a stray envelope-- still remember.

Zo walked in for a session that same day, I showed it to her and she said "OMG--exactly me!" SHE got all excited haha. So Zoe was the first one to record Crumble, which was great, 'cause she was needing a song about then.

To hear Zoe's mahvelous version check out her tune page.



Because "depp" rhymes with "ship"...well, sort of....


Zoe Gray, Rachel Sand, Katja Decker-Sadowski

I had some song lyrics sitting around forever about a scruffy BF. But somehow, I couldn't find a hook in all those words. Then I realized hahaha Depp and Ship sound similar when a person sings them. So I texted Rach, who was in class, and asked "is this too silly of an idea?"

She told me she laughed out loud when she read my text--she thought it was so funny. She encouraged "Write the song!" and so I did. And soon after we recorded it.

When Justin Timberlake's hip hop drummer, Bucket, was in the studio recording the tune with us he was so cute. Every time the chorus got to "Johnny Depp" you could see Bucket singing along. Priceless!

Johnny Depp music video

Filmed at the Santa Barbara Mission and also down by the boats. Thank you to the tourists.



Penned while I was living like a gypsy in Jerusalem. I wrote a ten page story about my experiences to go with the song that Paramount Studios stumbled upon. The studio called me up out of the blue and said "We see a movie here--can you get us a film treatment?" But *deep sigh* I was very young and didn't even know what a treatment was, let alone how to get all that together! The song has stood the test of time--We recently re-vamped and re-recorded it. Shannon sings it so beautifully!

Enough music video.



blue is such a fun color!

karma 101 =              

                  BIGGER HOUSE


Madi 'n all her MONKEYS

Madison McLenaghan used to sweat the small stuff. Everything was a really big deal. And she always seemed mad and something or someone. It was getting really old.

Right about then, I was reading a book that talked about our "monkey mind." "Monkey thoughts" are those nonsense things we keep saying to ourselves in our heads all day long.  Most "monkey" stuff is just blah blah, but for some reason, it's pretty easy to automatically assume what we keep saying to ourselves is the truth. For example: "I'm fat." "Ugh! this is so annoying." "Life truly, undeniable sucks..."

Yep. Blah blah blah. Inside our heads--all day long. It can be depressing.

I shared the monkey concept with Madison--suggesting that maybe it was the monkeys inside her head keeping her pissy all the time. Maybe she was so used to being mad that she, by habit, had started making sure to say things to herself to keep herself mad....

"Hahaha" she admitted. "Me thinks you may be on to something."

In the next few weeks, we'd both penned monkey songs. The one on this website is from moi.

Madison McLenaghan

Monkey music video



Although we eventually made a Ode to Simon Cowell: Scary Guy video--this song wasn't actually penned with Simon in mind at all. There are obviously a lot of other rather grumpy people on the planet.

View our recording engineer, Emmet. Em used to get a wee bit grumpy with me sometimes, for example, but thing way improved when he found himself a nice GF on eharmony. Gotta love the internet. And harmony!

Btw, we realize this is a rather retro campy song, but we planned it that way. Halloween theme songs need to be campy and retro or...well, it just didn't make sense to do it any other way. We've had a lot of fun with this song and received LOTS of positive feedback. Which is cool haha since the song's about choosing not to be negative!

Scary Guy music video



Danielle Ringer and Sarah Breck

A girl, who shall remain nameless, got kicked out of Crew for being a pain in the butt. Amazing but true. I wrote this song about my relationship with her. Special ended up one of Crew's favorite songs to perform and also one of our most popular recordings. Rachel Sand does an AMAZING solo version of it; check out her version on her song page!

The video is also cool...

SPECIAL: ABC KEYT performance. Solo voices; Skyler Stonestreet, Viva Gore and Anna Rook. Also featured Ben Nomura on guitar and a mini crew.

Our most popular recorded version of Special  is on our Top Tunes tune page. Our entire crew was there that magical day and evening when Skyler Stonestreet, Viva Gore, and Jessie Bridges recorded their heartfelt solos. We looked at each other and said "Woah---this is cool!" And it was. There's still leftover fairy dust in the tracks...


BArN burn

the original card

While looking for a birthday card in a local coffee shop,  I came upon a Zen card that said: Barn’s burnt I can see the moon...

“Wow!” I said to myself. "What a cool idea for a song. I believe I'll just have to borrow that." 

Skyler Stonestreet and Jessie Bridges recorded the lead vocals, a giant crew filled up the studio to sing a choir-like pop part. That's me on the fancy piano part and btw it's usually me singing back-up vocals on tunes. Just goes faster. But on Barn Burn? That's just about everybody in the chorus. Even one dad.

Ben was there (pictured below)...and he said to me "Hey Bonn, I really love your Barn Burn song. What's it about, by the way?"

haha so the engineer explained it to him.

  Ben Nomura


...because everybody's gotta have a theory.


                                        Click here for a music video with theories.