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Boy, do we have a story for you!

  Picture this;  a hodge podge of fun loving teens overflowing in a room; noisy kids, shy kids, hip hoppers, goths, a chubby biker chick with a pet iguana, (kid you not!), lovely Caitlin w/her killer high pitches. Caitlin always dressed "with flaire" and just ached to be French. We also had a country girl who drove a rather large golded pick up truck. Not to mention the cool surfer dudes and the guy who worked on his Mustang. After all, this was California.

You get it; think GLEE but better because Crew was never about drama. In fact, it was the opposite. We were full of mindfulness. We understood the value of "chill."

A few teens had knock-your-socks-off voices, a couple were *sigh* a bit vocally challenged, but nobody gave a flying fig 'bout all that because our little singing love fest called Crew wasn't about all that ever. Crew was about having a place away from high school where a person could just veg and be themselves, just RELAX!, show up in slippers maybe and know they were truly appreciated, warts 'n all. It was like getting a spiritual and musical hug every single Sunday morning since, inside Crew, everyone's voice mattered and held value. Everyone's. No voice left out! Seriously!

Maybe that's why we all began calling Crew our "church." It was heavenly! And btw... our ringleader? She was a bit nutty, adorably ADHD challenged, but also no nonsense and amazingly wise. Just knock on her door with a big dilemma and *poof* she wrote a person answers inside a spanking new song. Think; female Yoda. Ask her a question? She'd go DEEP just like her nonconformist way of teaching you to sing. She said our voices often reflect both our inside and our outside. Fun stuff. Makes a person feel strong and think deep. Helpful hint: Our Crew tunes will probably help you too - and hand you a clue!